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  Latitude Automation Suite

With Latitude Automation Suite, clients can automate account treatment strategies and file delivery, reducing the need for personnel to send and receive files.

Latitude Automation Suite is available as a licensed product that can run on your own servers or as a hosted solution managed by us.

Latitude Automation Suite has two components:

  • Has a designer tool that lets you design workflows with a drag-and-drop interface, similar to Microsoft® Visio.
  • Has a workflow engine that runs as a Microsoft® service and acts on Latitude Events, including events such as status change, length of time, promises, payments and collection efforts. User-defined events can be created for any data element in the Latitude database to trigger events.
Job Manager
  • Schedules unattended processes, including new business, payments, adjustments, recalls and skip data requests.
  • Processes incoming files.
  • Generates outgoing files.

What is Job Manager?
Latitude Job Manager is a Latitude component that schedules and processes files in an unattended fashion. Files can be files from your customers or files that you want to send to your customer. The Job Manager also schedules and processes files from skip vendors.

The Job Manager component consists of two programs:

  • Job Service - This is a Windows® service that polls for requested jobs that are to be run.
  • Fusion Web Services - These services are plug-ins for skip vendors that contain all parameters required to process requests for a particular vendor. These parameters control items such as login credentials.

The Latitude Job Manager can deliver and retrieve files using FTP, SFTP, FTPS or File Share. PGP file encryption is supported.


What is a Workflow?

  • A workflow is a business process applied to accounts.
  • It contains activities that define processing or evaluation of accounts.
  • Accounts are moved to the next available activity based on conditions.

Example of a workflow


Workflow Designer Tool
The workflow designer is a drag-and-drop window that is simple to use and easy to navigate.

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